Saturday, February 26, 2011

High Hopes

No new and interesting recipes to relate. Well, I ate a new and interesting recipe when I was visiting Megan over my birthday but I don't have the recipe to share. It sure was good though. Too spicy for T. Which is unusual. He usually loves spicy food. In fact it's not uncommon for him to wake up in the morning and ask for "spicy taco". This was a chili that was more like a stew and made with a lot of root vegetables, some beans, tomato products, and several spicy ingredients. One of those meals that tell your taste buds "wake up!" while they respond "I am awake already!".

T's second birthday is only two weeks away. I'm so excited. My sister is going to be in town for it. She flies out here on Wednesday and will be here almost three weeks. Last time she came to town was a couple months before T was born. I'm wanting to take advantage of any sunny days and do some touristy things with her. :)

I have high hopes that this year is going to be filled with exciting and positive changes for our family. Keep us in your prayers that they do happen! Can't say any more than that at this time.