Monday, January 20, 2014

Delicious no bake snack

T had so much fun making this snack. We will be doing it more often. It's a little messy to make so aprons are useful. Sticky too so a wet washcloth to wipe fingers/faces after you mix it up was a must. It was so simple though. Filling and fun. Plus since he could do it himself (with supervision or help if you choose to microwave the nut butters) he enjoyed it all the more. Haven't you noticed making food yourself improves the taste?

 What we did: Put some peanut and almond butter in a bowl. Microwave with a teaspoon of honey for a few seconds. Mix. Mash a banana in the mixture. Add in some cocoa powder and oats or cheerios. 
Form into balls. Roll in more dark cocoa powder. Wrap each ball in plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to grab a quick snack. 

There were two variations T created. One used rolled oats and the other cheerios. Next time we're going to try it with Uncle Sam Cereal.

Equal parts peanut butter & almond butter
Couple Tbls honey
Cocoa powder
Rolled oats or cereal Os
more dark cocoa powder