Thursday, July 25, 2013

Science Is Simple: Great Preschool-PreK science resource

Inside and outside we are surrounded by scientific wonders. Wonders already known, and yet to be discovered. Children have a natural curiosity. They grasp on to life's little wonders and cling to them. They explore their environment with eagerness in minute detail. As we grow we tend to lose this wonder. And no wonder. Do we really tend to encourage it? Or do we often get annoyed by their fascination and incessant questions?

Enter books like this.
I checled out the book Science Is Simple from our local library. Wow! I'm impressed.

The very first lesson teaches about prediction and observation. It's introduced using a delightful children's storybook called Fortunately. The book relates a series of events that are both good- presented in color- and bad -in black and white- and allows for the parent to stop and ask the child to predict what will happen next. Delightful story. Following reading the story Science is Simple has the parent/child begin their hands on explorations.

Most lessons in the book combine literature with hands on study. Children are challenged to turn their wonder of the world into questions, and you are given open-ended questions to guide them into self-discovery. In other words, this simple science guide teaches you to teach your children problem-solving skills! There are more than 200 activities all written at the preschool-first grade level. Most of the supplies are things you'll already have. Trees, dirt, bubbles, plans, seeds, magnets, etc. etc. etc. Definitely planning on buying it.