Sunday, February 24, 2013

Preschool Kitchen Counter: Homemade Cheese Crackers

  T like many if not most young children loves a good snack. A household favorite is cheez-its. We don't buy them that often due to lack of nutritional value. When they are in our house though they disappear quickly. I'm partly to blame for that. I love the cheesy salty burst of flavor from a Cheez-it cracker! Imagine how excited we both were when I found a Better Homes and Gardens recipe for homemade cheese crackers.

 Measuring out the ingredients. Math anyone?

 Rolling out dough. Needs to be very thin.

Then cut into 1" squares.

Bake and enjoy!

They tasted great. Loved that I got the great punch of cheese flavor with every bite, without all the preservatives. When they were fresh out of the oven and I took a bite I had a quick moment of disappointment as I realized I was missing that marvelous crunch...then as they cooled, the crackers hardened and the crunch was there. Next time I would definitely roll them thinner to ensure a very crisp crunch through-and-through. The main con I came away with making this recipe is the price: it uses so much sharp cheddar a box of Cheez-it crackers is a bit cheaper.