Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Babbles: All I Can Fit In My First Year

Comparing my two children is unfair.  T was much more talkative while F morev physical.  T was cautious.  F is daring. T observant. F is either solemn or smiley and laughing.  Now F is trying to fit all she can in her first year.

When T took his first steps it was around his first birthday.  She took hers before Christmas.  At 10 months. There's been no going back. No crawling. He gradually decreased crawling and increased walking over a couple months. F? Instant walker.

Now at 11 months she's cutting molars. Working on teeth 9 & 10. She has rejected soft foods like yogurt, oatmeal, etc in favor of finger food. So here I have food pouches in the cupboard for snacks and who is asking to eat them? T. Not baby F. Such a different child.