Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Collecting ideas for baby's room

I'm thinking this would be a great color scheme for little girl's room (assuming the 20 week ultrasound was right).

I found a beautiful bedding set at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us called "Daniella". It has a set for cribs, and even a twin/double set. Obviously would grow well. I'm thinking of using parts of it for her room.

The room I'll be giving to her once she's no longer sharing with us is painted a nice beige. It has two windows, which provide some pleasant light. On pinterest I found an adorable pillow project I think would compliment it nicely. Cream, brown pillow fabric perhaps.

Also on pinterest I've seen several girl rooms with tree branches and leaves/flowers on the wall, usually near the bed. I'm considering something like that, and using initials instead of an entire name (pinterest idea again!):
I'll be collecting more ideas as time goes on, and pinning them here

A new home, a new year

Greetings, and happy new year! It looks like January will be a very exciting time. First we'll be busy continuing to settle into the house we bought while waiting for baby to be born. Second our themes for the month will include arctic animals and also dinosaurs. In anticipation of busy times ahead I've taken the plans from Flowering Baby age 3-4 for Jan-May and put them on a daily calendar. I still may end up bumping T up to the age 4-5 level when he has his birthday in March. We'll see. But for now, prepare for posts on dinosaurs and penguins. Which reminds me, I'd better order an audio cd of Mr Popper's Penguins this week. While we have the actual book on kindle I've learned T enjoys rest time if there's a book on cd playing.
I've ordered Dinotopia on audio CD for him to enjoy.

We'll also be planning on trips to the zoo (arctic exhibit) and children's museum(dinosaurs) over the coming weeks.

Do you have any favorite activities or books to go with these themes?