Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Boys

T and his cousin AW almost share a birthday- they are just a day under exactly 2 years apart. This month T turned 3 and AW turned 5. The extended family had a birthday party for the boys over the weekend. Each had their own candles, though they shared a cake. They had a blast!

Exercise for Cabin Fever part 2: Three Fun Indoor Toys

It's amazing how much fun a simple hula hoop can be. Even if you can't hula hoop yet. T has a blast jumping, tumbling, crawling, stepping, and rolling through it. "Move it higher, Mom!" he'll shout as I hold it. Doesn't matter if it's so high he can't actually jump through. In fact, sometimes it seems the challenge makes it all the more fun for him. The higher, the better. At just a few dollars and easily stored it's a great indoor toy for exercise.

T also loves climbing, bouncing, and rolling. I'd love to have the space for an indoor jungle gym. I don't. But I did remember one of my favorite toys to play on as a child. It also happens to be a favorite of T's when he visits his grandpa. An exercise ball.

 If you already have one, your child has probably already discovered it. I shopped around and bought a 60cm ball at Target (size medium). Part of me wishes I'd bought the 50cm, but another part of me is really glad I bought the medium ball. It's a fun challenge for T. Also, my husband really enjoys using it as well!

This item I found at a consignment shop one day.  It's a balance board by Guidecraft. In the store he loved it. When we brought it home he was much less interested. How disappointing!

Then one day he got it out again and this time started rocking it hard and fast. Soon he lost his balance. That seems to be key with this balance board. The harder you rock the thing, the harder it is to keep your balance. I love how either side can be used. T prefers to use the underside (with the blue as opposed to the solid red piece) as he says the top is "too slippery".  I store it upright so it doesn't take much space when not in use.

You see these boxes my father in law has at his place? I want something like that, maybe smaller, for T to jump on. They could be used as tables or storage when not out for exercise. Maybe I could find something like a step stool but a little higher to make do for now...hmm...