Saturday, June 15, 2013

Babies Love Bellydance

 One thing  is  for  sure:  easing back in a  routine  post  baby  two  it's  more  of a  challenge.  First  difficulty  was  grocery  shopping  with  two.  My initial experience had me thinking it could now only go smoothly with another adult along or watching T at home while I shopped. Four months later we're over that.
Then housework. I  think  we're  getting  there. New rhythms and rojtines are coming. The evenings especially are still rocky.
Getting places on time. Really. It's so hard now. Something always seems to come up!
  The  most  difficult  seems  to  be a consistent time to exercise. A full routine. Then this week I discovered babies love bellydance. At least mine does. I still have to split up my exercise time. If though I start doing a belly dance or Tahitian based exercise routine with F nearby watching...She laughes. She finds it amusing. Yesterday I discovered if I just do some modified moves while rocking her to sleep I can incorporate exercise in my day too. Seems more soothing.