Saturday, March 28, 2015

How To Make Bamboo Glue (Instructions by a 6 Year Old)

You know the simple delight when children play with natural materials? It was plastered all over my children's faces yesterday as they explored a booth at a convention. This particular booth had color mixing stations, water beads, and herbal play dough. In tin pails by the play dough were rose petals, rose stems, bamboo, leaves, rocks, and other bits and pieces of nature. My children were completely absorbed in their work. Suddenly T picked up a thin stick. It was dangling halfway.

"This needs bamboo glue," he told the booth owner.

"Where do we get that?" She replied seriously.

"We make it!" Was his confident answer.


"First you go to Australia, then you get some bamboo, cut it down, mash it into pulp, come home, mix it with American glue and you have bamboo glue!"

Of course!