Friday, August 9, 2013

Baby Babbles: Traveling With Baby & All Those Diapers!

I must've been quite the sight. T, F, and I took a trip to visit my family and introduce them to little baby F. She's six months old and had only met them via video chat before. T had a backpack full of toys and was quite happy holding my hand as we made our way through the airport to our gate. F was seated in the Angel Pack on my front. Her car seat was strapped to my back. On both shoulders I carried all the gear necessary to get us through any delay we might face. A diaper bag hung on one side. On the other was a small diaper bag doubling as my purse, and also containing the electronics we needed for entertainment. I felt amazingly balanced carrying everything thanks to being covered on all points of the compass. Balanced and confident. With all those shrink-wrapped diapers I could face any summertime delay without worrying about running out of diapers, and had room for changes of clothes, a baby blanket, baby toys.

Those who know me know I've cloth diapered since T was born. I even attempted to cloth diaper or at least hybrid diaper when visiting the homes of relatives. There are places and times when disposables are more convenient and more welcome than their less-smelly, less rash-inducing cloth counterparts I've learned over the years.

So I've tried my fair share of 'sposies too. WalMart, Pampers, Target, Seventh Gen, Huggies, BabyCare, Walgreens, Luvs, Earth's Best and others have all been tried. I remember face booking friends and relatives when Theo was first born asking for the diaper brand with least blowouts. If only this wonderful article comparing (both on babies and in-lab) 20 brands disposables had been out then. At least it's out now, for baby F. Here it is for you to read yourself.

Armed with this article I placed a order for a trip to visit family. Once we arrived I opened the package of Bambo diapers. My first thought was "nice rise!" as they indeed cover quite a bit. Their size (weight allowance) was the next pleasant surprise. I ordered size 3, which fits from 11-22 lbs. That's quite a range.
The next few days I saw what a good choice it was to use these for baby F. Not a single blowout, even with a force and quantity that would've definitely blown out of a Pampers or Huggies in my experience. I am thus far thoroughly impressed. The quality lives up to the price.

My other great find has to do with the first picture. That little shrink wrapped object is a full size diaper. It saved so much room in my diaper bag. Really lightened my load.

The diaper feels fine. It's not as soft as some sposies but not that bad either. It's fairly size-able. I had no leaks. The tabs are not super sticky though so adjustments can't be made often. They're too expensive for everyday use but are perfectly sized for trips. This is the best travel option I've found. By far. I'll definitely be using Diaper Buds whenever I have to leave town. Even their bulk packaging is travel-worthy: the individually shrink wrapped diapers come in a drawstring bag.

Which brings us back to where we started. Travel alone with two went better than I expected. There were plenty of diapers to spare. People were helpful and encouraging. I did get several looks though. Part of it probably was the "oh no, little ones". Some may have been "Why's that crazy woman trying this alone with two small children?" I'm pretty sure though, surrounded on all four sides by either baby gear or baby, I really must have been quite the sight!