Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not syrup, not honey, not even applesauce

We love to eat pancakes in this house. They're a real treat. Easy to make, but not something indulged in every single day. Most days we eat yogurt and fruit, or eggs, or oatmeal/cereal for breakfast.

Generally a pancake is topped with syrup. Occasionally, honey may be drizzled on. It can be dipped in applesauce. Or smothered in a bubbling hot homemade fruit sauce.

Saturday's pancakes were different.

Much jazzier.

They were spread with a homemade cinnamon sauce.


Yes, S was pretty skeptical, and yes, he tends to be more adventuresome. After trying it everyone was begging for more. All I could think of while eating it was "this is like the ultimate mother's day pancake." I found the idea on the blog "Meemo's Kitchen". <---Try it!

It's a spreadable consistency. When spread on the pancake it hardens. Oh, it's so scrumptious. Try it when you're looking for a different way to serve pancakes one day. Highly recommend this!