Wednesday, February 18, 2015

So excited!

What a different child little F is than her brother T. He had no issues with me calling him my baby at two. She on the other hand insists she isn't. "No baby!"

Speaking of baby, I'm so excited. I've completed my Flowering Baby collection. Hurrah! Now I have all five volumes. I've used volumes 4&5 with T. So far I've drawn from 1&2 with F. Now I'm about to start volume 3 for ages 2-3. What is it? Inspired by mostly Charlotte Mason and with a goal of preparing her child for classical education a mom & grandma in Kentucky created a daily five year developmental activity guide. There are living books, classical music, nature exploration, game ideas, ideas for natural learning in the home, gross & fine motor development ideas all laid out in easy to implement daily doses. I have such fond memories of the activities T & I did in his preschool years. Now it's little F's turn.

How different will this be with such a different child?