Thursday, November 20, 2014

How I Got Blue Food Coloring Off Carpet

As those of you who read my education blog know this morning a science experiment went awry with distressing-at-the-moment consequences.

It all started with an attempt to conduct a messy experiment in a place where mess wouldn't matter. On the porch.

Then T stuck his entire hand in the bowl. He lifted it up. Next thing I knew both hands were coated. He'd blissfully rubbed them together.

"Let's go wash now!" I ordered, pulling open the door.

I hurried inside. As I entered the kitchen I realized he was still a room away. His movement was slow, dreamlike. He was only half listening. The texture on his hands far more interesting than water.

Then, as that realization sunk in, from behind me I heard a "Slap! Slap!" I looked, horrified, watching the blue globs fly from his hand and land on Grandma's carpet.

Cleaning it was tedious work. After a quick web search I came up with a multi-step game plan.  First I blotted every single spot I could find. Second I poured ice cold water on the spots. After letting it sit a minute I blotted again. Hope was raised as some of the smaller splotches began coming up. Hurrah! A fine tooth comb pulled up a few of the flecks. Yet not all came up. Some was still stubborn, taunting me in deep blue circles.
Third step was a cleaning solution. I mixed vinegar and liquid blue Dawn detergent with hot water. This I soaked on the remaining spots. Then I slowly started blotting some more. Gradually the blue cleared. I began to see the true carpet color. What a relief!

How I got the blue food coloring out of the carpet
1- Blot
2- soak 1 minute with ice water
3- Blot
4- clean with solution of 1 tbls white vinegar, 1 tbls liquid Dawn, 2 c warm water
5- blot

I found more steps on How Stuff Work but it appears they won't be necessary!