Sunday, February 8, 2015

Do Not Worry (Matthew 6 retold and screaming at my heart)

This is the famous passage about worry. I re-told it for T when he was F's age. Now that I'm pulling it out for F it's just screaming at my own heart.

                Jesus was a man who was also God. 
Jesus taught people about God.
Mommies listened to Him. Daddies listened.
The boys and girls and babies listened.

"Don't be upset. 
Don't be scared. 
God takes care of you," Jesus said.

"Look! See the birds?
They eat worms.
They eat seeds.
They don't have to farm.
God cares for the birds.
Look! See the flowers? 
The rain falls.
The sun shines.
Flowers grow.
God cares for the flowers.

God loves you more than birds.
God loves you more than flowers.
God will take care of you. 
                Trust Him. Trust Me." Jesus said.

We trust you, Jesus.
We trust you, God.
Thank you, Jesus!
Thank you, God!