Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's those few moments

There's something special about grabbing a few minutes one on one with your younger child. T had four years before he had to share me but F had to share me from the time I brought her home. Yesterday I dropped T off at a yoga class for kids. The day was pretty nice. Blue skies, warm temperatures. I held F's one hand while she held her Minnie Mouse in the other. We stood at the curb, waiting for traffic to relent in its endless stream so we could cross. We turned and wandered down the jogging trail by the creek. We chased each other across a log fallen in the path. Several times we had to stop to pick up Minnie. Then, hand in hand, we headed to a small coffee shop together. She munched a cake pop while I sipped my coffee. Minnie Mouse sat by F's side as she chatted, munched, and watched the traffic streaming down the small town road that divided her from Bubba in yoga. At last we tidied up. She stuck her cake pop back in its sack and scooped up Minnie. I picked her up and prepared to cross the road.
"Tumin' Bubba!"
It was good to spend time together, but how she couldn't wait to see her brother again!