Monday, January 19, 2015

My 2 year old's favorite books

In a couple weeks little F will be turning 2. Amazing to realize how old she's getting. She's a delight. Why, just yesterday we were at an open house to a 3 day hybrid school sitting waiting for thr presentation to begin.
F turned around in her seat to smile at the woman behind us.
"Hi!" She said. Then turning slightly she gestured toward me, "Mama," and turning to her other side she pointed "my dad". It made my day. Introduced by my two year old.

Besides seeing people F loves to listen while we read to her. Like many little ones she definitely has favorites. These in particular she has us read over and over.

More More More Said The Baby
by Vera B Williams

What a charming story. Or I ought to say three stories. Each follows the same pattern as a parent holds his or her child and interacts in ways the listener relates. The short story ends with the toddlers asking for more.

By Jez Approach

I originally bought it as an early reader for T but it was F who became attached.  It's the story of a little chimp who sees various animals hugging their parents and goes looking for its own mom. I'm sure you can imagine the end.

Most Of All Jesus Loves You
By Noel Piper

It's bedtime and mom is tucking her children in bed. Mom reminds the child of how everyone loves them. It ends with the title phrase.

Kitten's First Full Moon
Kitten's adventures as she attempts to get a bowl of milk she sees in the sky and a pond.