Sunday, March 29, 2015

"No Snow? Make It Yourself" Declares 2 Year Old

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- Winter and summer both offer a lot of fun. Everyone knows this. In the summer you can cool off in the pool or by splashing water around the water table. In winter you can stomp in snow, throw snow, and build with snow. Children of all ages agree summer and winter offer a ton of fun.

When it's not summer and you feel the need to splash there are many easy alternatives. The tub, obviously, or your sink. Oh, and there's always your glass of water. The snow on the other hand is a bit bigger of a problem. 2 year old F found herself facing that very problem when the snow in her neighborhood melted. Instead of melting into tears though F came up with her own solution.

"No snow? No make it yourself!" She laughed.

That's exactly what she did as her mom bent over big brother's arithmetic. She pulled on her snow boots and ran around. No issue, her mom thought, as long as she's stomping in circles around us she'll leave brother's book alone.

 Then the stomping ceased. Her mom galnced up. Silence is, as you know, ominous.

 Pantry door was adjar. Flour started flying through the air in enormous clouds, coating the floor thickly. Little F, snowboots on, hands full of flour cried gleefully "Snow!" as she began stomping all over the kitchen floor.

No snow? No problem. Just make it yourself.