Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Should've Known Better

You know those moments where you realize you made a mistake as something occurs?

That happened here this morning.

I mean I seriously should've seen it coming. The mess was 100% preventable. But I didn't until it did.

So I was getting ready to give the toddler second breakfast. She's a grazer so multiple meals are a must. T's math books were sitting on the table. For some reason I unthinkingly placed the tray on top. Then I turned to answer a question T had about his Lego's.

F may not he obsessed with food but she is with music, animals, and books. So the next  instant F grabbed that book off the table pulling the tray of food that had been placed on top with it. Crash! The contents fell all around as she looked at me, stunned.

I should've known better.

At least everything was plastic.

It could've been worse.

A broom. A dustpan. The floor is now clean again.

Problem solved--- oh. Wait. Now I have to fix a new tray of food.

OK then!