Sunday, March 8, 2015

Church is for the sick but--

Church is for the sick, but not those with colds! We're home today as the kids are contagious. Husband went to church. What have we done at home? YouTube!

The kids: We started with them watching a kids' film called The Lightlings, a cartoon on the effects of the fall and the light of the world. You can see it herehere

We sang several songs, and worked on the Sunday school memory work of Psalm 24

The Love of Christ

O the Deep Deep Love

We Adore Thee

The dog decided to bark along. I found an awesome clip with the words to the apostle's creed
We sang Psalm 24. Sons of Korah on YouTube!
For the Reading of the law we listened to a chapter of Proverbs, then I found a clip with a confession of sin and assurance of pardon on YouTube again. Then came a song on God's goodness.
For a sermon? What better than RC Sproul on the gospel? I'll tell you. Being able to listen to more than half between a fussy toddler, fighting kids,and barking dog. I did find it interesting to be reminded how we focus the gospel on ourselves and our work, as opposed to realizing it's all the work of the holy spirit, and forgetting the essence of the gospel is the incarnation and substitutiary atonement.
To get the kids back in we finished by watching The Prince's Poison Cup before singing O Sacred Head Now Wounded and In Christ Alone.