Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Diapers & Difficulties

I'm unpacking from my long time away. Between Thanksgiving week and last week I've only spent less than a week at my house. Theodore calls all three houses- our, my in-laws', my parents's- "home" now. A good thing I suppose. You can tell, too, when he walks through those doors compared to any other house, he does indeed feel at home.

While unpacking my mind started to wander. Nothing unusual for me. I've always been a bit of a daydreamed. It's one of my faults. An active imagination. Perhaps it's a boon. I like to think it is. Today my mind drifted like the thin layer of snow that is currently blowing outside my window. I'm on one side of the bed unpacking, looking through my open window across the balcony at the busy bees of snowflakes whizzing by. Right now my mind is wandering to a subject that only a mom would dare contemplate: diapers.

Yes, diapers. That subject that is both taboo and in certain circles even addictive and fun. You see, I knew going in to November that I was about to launch full-steam into a flurry of travel. I'd talked to my mom and my mother-in-law and learned they didn't really want me to use their washing machines as often as I needed to bring a partial stash of cloth with me. My mom didn't want me to bring a full stash or a partial because they have propane, which is very expensive, to run their washer. So I skipped the gDiapers, skipped the Flips, put away the delectably soft FuzziBunz, and drove to Babies R Us where I picked up a large box of Earth's Best Chlorine-Free Diapers. Did you know that most diapers are chock full of all kinds of harsh chemicals, including chlorine? In the past, just using them a few days or hours at a time, I'd found I preferred Earth's Best over other chlorine-free diapers like Seventh Generation or Nature's Babycare. Realizing I needed these diapers waiting for me in Arizona and the nearest place selling them was 1 1/2 hours from my mom's, I got on Amazon and ordered a large case of them so they'd be waiting for me when I arrived. As usual, as a preventative, I also made sure I picked up a big tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. That stuff is *good*- usually.

A couple weeks went by. In the middle of the flight I found that, for once, Theodore's pants were totally soaked! I changed him, and hoped that was all. But it wasn't. Not quite 3 hours later, as we were high in the skies between Denver and Arizona, he started fussing and scratching. I looked. His whole bottom looked red! The next several days I tried different creams, airings, even eczema lotions. Nothing helped. I called a local doctor's office and managed to get him in to see a nurse practitioner. His poor red bottom- the butt cheeks too!- were bright red. He'd been scratching and there were scratch marks. I'd had to put him in overalls just to keep him from scratching. She took a quick look at it and said since I'd tried a couple different rash creams and nothing had cleared it, it must be a yeast infection. She gave me a prescription, stating it may be a couple weeks. I didn't think to also change the kind of diaper he was in.

Gradually it seemed to clear up. But then come back. Then his bottom totally cleared. A few days later I saw a new rash, in a different spot- more of the usual rash spot rather than the cheeks of the diaper. I put some cream on it, aired it out twice a day, and went to Target. This time I spent more money. Instead of Earth's Best Chlorine-Free, I picked up hypoallergenic with vitamins A & E and aloe vera Huggies Pure & Natural diapers. Things really seemed to clear up.

Not done yet! Yesterday morning his little butt cheeks were red again. A different look to it though. It almost looks dry? Maybe I'm imagining it. I'm letting him run around without anything on down there since yesterday (except for naps) and slathering lotion on it, hoping that I'm right and it's dry skin. If it doesn't clear up in a couple more days I'm calling his pediatrician. I'm hoping this is the end of the story though. Ugh! At least he's not had a single accident and has used the potty like a dream without missing a beat since yesterday. That's a good sign.

NEVER had rash issues with cloth diapers. Fuzzi Bunz are the best for that! Seriously love my Fuzzi Bunz diapers and am seriously considering getting rid of my BumGenius in favor of them. I love my BumGenius and wouldn't blink an eye at having to use them again. But Fuzzi Bunz are just *so soft* and the sized ones are *so trim*. It's like wearing Mama Cloth vs those itchy normal pads that give *me* rashes/itching each time I use them. In all this, I'd say the Huggies Pure & Natural (not regular Huggies) have been better on his little bottom than the Earth's Best. Earth's Best seemed to do better on him than Seventh Generation or especially than Pampers. If you are interested in only doing disposables:

Pampers Swaddlers OR Tushies for newborns.

Huggies Pure & Natural OR Tushies or Nature's Babycare/Earth's Best (I still recommend them though not as highly) for older.

Skip the regular Huggies, Luvs, Pampers- they're not as gentle.

Can't wait to go back to cloth diapers after this rash clears. Although with the way his pottying is going, it may be only for overnight! Can but hope!

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