Thursday, June 2, 2011


For our anniversary supper I planned to make one of S's favorite meals, a malaysian dish he loves. Of course I was also planning on photos. Plans!

Plans, of course, often go awry. And this plan was no exception. "Dear, a problem came up at work and I'll be an hour late for supper," he warned me. Thankfully, his warning came early enough. I changed my plans. Wednesday evening's supper became Tuesday's. Wednesday's supper was meatloaf. Much easier to keep warm after T and I had eaten.

He opened the door. With a flourish, he presented- a small bouquet of red roses! That makes the 2nd time this year he's given me flowers. Last time before this year was on our honeymoon. What a delightful, delightful surprise. :)

Instead of my usual meatloaf I decided to mix things up and try another recipe. It will be made again. Had grated cheddar cheese in it. Yum! The baked sweet potatoes were a tasty side, and the corn was sweet and juicy. Of course cooking the corn with a pinch of sugar in the water always helps. It's a tip I learned from a cookbook. S thinks it's a crazy tip but it sure works.

Rearranging the dinners worked well. Wednesday I sliced and marinated the steak. Then- another plan went awry. A headache struck. You know, the kind of headache that makes it impossible to operate and you hope, just hope that your LO can stay quiet so you can nurse that thing and get back into operation. Wasn't to be.

Tylenol didn't help. A dark room didn't help. Neither did closing my eyes. S opened the door. Willingly my DH picked up my laptop and finished sauteeing the vegetables and noodles for supper. I took some advil, hoping that would help. Happily he and T devoured the supper while I lay down on the sofa with closed eyes.

"It's delicious, dear!"

What good medicine those words were.

"It's delicious, dear!"

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