Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Playtime Rhymes

The "Wee Sing" series is classic. It also contains a lot of action rhymes and finger plays to enjoy with babies, toddlers, and even older kids. If you have the Wee Sing series you're set for a lot of fun. So why even bother with another- shorter- book of Playtime Rhymes?

Playtime Rhymes stands out against "Wee Sing" due to its very colorful pages. It's filled with the most adorable pen-and-ink drawings, and clear step-by-step photographs showing every action you prefer, right next to the text. This makes the book very parent and child-friendly.

While I appreciate the clarity of the instructions thanks to the photos, my son enjoys looking over the bright pages. Plus it's big. I mean the actual book is physically large. It's tall. There are only 22 rhymes. Some are old, others are new (at least to me).
 Each rhyme takes up exactly one page. They are short and active enough for the small attention spans toddlers have. Shortly after launching into one of them we're both roaring with laughter! I highly recommend this delightful book published by DK.

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