Friday, July 22, 2011

Simple Summer Supper- Homemade waffles with peaches & ice cream

This is such a delicious summer treat! Not nutritious and thus not something to be served very often. Perhaps once a year? But it's tradition in my family. Story goes that back in the 40s when my grandpa was at BIOLA he went to a diner with a friend one evening. He was wanting waffles, but also wanted some vanilla bean ice cream and some peaches. So he asked the waitress to combine them into one dish by putting the peaches and ice cream on top of his waffles. Since then, almost every summer, people in my family have enjoyed at least one dish of what my mom calls "Grandpa's Special".

What you need:
a waffle iron
waffle batter (or pre-made waffles)
sugar (optional)
vanilla bean ice cream
an appetite

What to do:

Wash and slice your peaches. If necessary sprinkle them with sugar and set aside to macerate. This pulls all the juices out if they're not quite perfectly soft already and gives you a little syrup for your waffles & ice cream.
Prepare waffles as directed by your favorite recipe.
Place prepared waffles on your plate. Top with a scoop of ice cream and spoon on peaches.

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