Friday, October 21, 2011

Nature is Nurturing: Exploring a Park

Thanks to the invitation of a friend we've discovered a charming park. While a hefty drive and out of the way for us, it's well worth it. It's on the far northern outskirts of town. I'd never heard of this place before and made sure I went over maps with my husband this morning. Also made sure I had the up-to-date cell number of my friend in case we got lost. But we made it. What a park. :)

The park had a very pretty wood with a narrow walking trail.

The trail meandered through the woods, going around a pond and a field.

We found this log that looked like it had a face. See the eye and the mouth?

This flower- I don't know what it was, I need to learn!- grew near the pond.

Look, there's a hole in the ground! I wonder if anything lives there? :)

Actually, two. And a narrow footpath between the small hole and the deeper, larger hole.

Don't forget the playgound. Check out this awesome airplane 

It actually rocked when you sat it in, and had seats for several children. The propeller spun when you turned the "steering" wheel.

We had so much fun with our friends in the park! Hopefully we'll be going back and exploring that park again very soon. Perhaps we'll take Papa with us as well. 


Kristen said...

Looks like a beautiful park. What pretty fall photos. Stopped by from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop! Following on GFC.

Lisa said...

It really was beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and following Kristen!

Kelly said...

Beautiful! Found you through the Blog Hop. New follower. :)