Friday, March 2, 2012

Free Day at the Children's Museum!

Our local children's museum had a free day last week. Of course we went! Traffic getting there simply crawled. We circled all the way around to the top of the parking garage before finding a spot. But it was worth it!

This was our first time visiting the museum in our new area. Yes, it's definitely nice enough I should buy an annual pass. We'll be returning there in the near future. I also have some other children's and nature museums I want to visit, within a 3 hr drive.

That doesn't look nearly as busy as it actually was. Here we are waiting to get in one exhibit (a traveling one). Waited 40 minutes to get to this point. When we got to the front of the line heard the man at the end of the line warn newcomers the wait was now longer than an hour!

Two activities from that particular exhibit. A conveyor belt, and a build your own bug.

Loved the trains.

Fabulous water clock

Playing on a dinosaur "nest"


Ceiling made of glass bottles, vases, etc in many colors. Revolving seat to watch.

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