Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Few Days of "Preschool" activities

Ok, so T is now three as of March. And yes, it's April, not August. But he is so used to having educational toys and activities around, and he'd finished our old toddler binder. He's been begging for more. I decided to go ahead and start him on the newest binder and other activities I've collected. You can see some of the resources I'm using for preschool on the right hand sidebar.  
Here are some highlights of this (short) week! 

T working on the creation story from our Bible Treasure Chest.

T reading books, "George Shrinks" and "Peter Rabbit", in our reading & music corner. 

Preparing to practice cutting.

Continuing his cutting project from the previous day.

Making lemon-scented play-dough. Yes, I'll be sure to post about that one. It smelled great!

Knobbed cylinders. This set is changes by width from skinny to fat, but the same depth.

Building with blocks. Oh, by the way, that mat? Yes, that's his work mat. He unrolls it whenever he wants to do an activity.

Alphabet puzzle

Pouring activity with rice. He spent most of yesterday doing this actually. 

While I didn't get a picture of it, my personal highlight happened yesterday. We were out in the back yard (as we are many hours of the day despite my allergies) when he came and sat down under a tree with me. We sat there, watching the birds. Suddenly he jumped up. Dashing off towards the house he called out "I need to get the bird book!" referring to our state bird field guide. :) 

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