Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby Babbles 2: Newborn Cloth Diapering

F's arrival is punctuated by the re-emergence of cloth diapers in the house. Yes, I'm a cloth diaperer. I'm not afraid of sposies (usually use them when visiting family) but prefer cloth. Hybrids too.

Rumparooz Newborn Cover

I started with cloth when T was first born. My parents bought us some Chinese prefolds and Nikki's covers while my inlaws started our stash of one-size pockets with a dozen BumGenius. T did have a few explosions in the Nikki's covers, a lot in sposies, and I learned the pockets were great. As he grew I discovered:
  • Chinese prefolds hold the most, 
  • Prefolds are great stuffed in pockets
  • Nikki's covers and Luvs disposables aren't favorites
  • I love hybrids (can use a disposable or reusable insert) like Flips and GDiapers
  • GDiapers fasten in the back, which is wonderful for an older baby
  • I prefer snaps to Velcro
  • Sized cloth diapers like Fuzzi Bunz perfect size are trimmer than one size like the BumGenius pockets I use, helping the fit of clothes
  • It's hard to beat a pocket for convenience

This time around I knew I was again going to cloth diaper. Starting with prefolds and covers for the newborn stage again would be the most economical. Despite the allure of Lil Joey and BumGenius Newborn diapers. Sharing my frustration with the blowouts T experienced as a newborn using Nikki's covers I received some recommendations. Armed with that knowledge we purchased four newborn Bummis Super Brite covers and four Rumparooz newborn covers. Both have double gussets.

Two Bummis Super Brite covers, back, and a Rumparooz cover, front, with Snappi

As you can see, they're cute as can be. They work well. The only blowout was when F wore a Pampers swaddler disposable diaper. Couldn't be more pleased! 

Do you have a favorite diaper for the newborn stage?

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