Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby Babbles: The Wonders of The Great Outdoors

Have you ever read the works of Charlotte Mason? Whether you agree or disagree with her philosophy of education she had keen insight into happy babies: let them spend the day outdoors.

I've seen it time and time again with now 4-yr-old T, and am again seeing it with 2 month old F: fussy day, go outside, instantly transformed into a happy day. Spend the day outdoors and it's smooth sailing (mostly). There's good reason children often say their favorite "subject" in school is recess. Beyond getting to play there's something magical outside. As T stated yesterday "Mama, when I am outside I feel at peace and happy. Why is that?"

F was having a terribly fussy day. Usually it's not that bad. But she just couldn't seem to settle for naps. The pollen count was high. I hated to go outside because I knew I'd feel sick after. Decided to try it anyway. It was worth it. The fussing disappeared. She lay on her blanket at peace, napping the afternoon away while T ran all around the yard.

When she woke she was all smiles!

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