Sunday, August 18, 2013

Everything Beautiful In Its Time: 4 Process Art Projects

What a busy couple of weeks! We finally made it out west to visit my family. It was such a fun trip! We went on several hikes a week in the mountains. Still though there were quiet moments in which T found time to do a bit of art.

 Oily Cloud Dough proved to be easy to make, awesome to play with, low odor, and retained its moisture.

Here was a really fun art project. T used two pieces of scrap paper, scissors, and paste. First he cut one piece of paper in different size strips. Using the paste he glued the strips upright on the second paper. It kept him quietly focused for quite a while. Plus helped him practice cutting skills. Bonus!

For this simple art project we used markers and crayons. With music playing in the background and large sweeping motions of the arm we created circles of all different sizes on the paper with the markers. These were then colored in with the crayons. Fun, simple, and engaging. I was drawn in and found it very relaxing.

Blot art. T folded a piece of paper in several directions. He put drops of paint in the creases, re-folded, and pressed. When he peeled the paper open he discovered it had changed in appearance.

~ Everything Beautiful In Its Time ~

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