Monday, October 14, 2013

When Did You Last Stop To Touch The Grass? Plus DIY Touch Board for Baby

When is the last time you really stopped to feel? I mean really feel. Not just the sand between your toes at the beach (although that's a good start). Feel the slight temperature change as you softly wave your hand back and forth between the sunshine and a shadow. Feel the smooth hardwood floor, interrupted at regular intervals by very slight ridges where the pieces join. Feel the varying textures of cloth as you fold the day's laundry. Marvel at the different textures of water as it is released at different pressures or sits there, still and calm except for your finger caressing its surface.

F is eight months old. Her wonder of the little things grows daily. Lately she's really gotten into textures. Oh yes. Those boxes of tissues cannot be kept down low these days.

The grass on the lawn. 

It's soft yet prickly. There are so many lengths, shapes, and subtle variations in texture.


So soft and fuzzy. You can finger each strand individually or squeeze the whole thing.

The beach

The sandpaper on my homemade touch board.

DIY: Homemade Touch Board


Wood board from craft section 
Several grades of sandpaper

Assembly- cut one strip from each grade sandpaper. Arrange from rough to smooth on board. Glue. Let dry. Enjoy!

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