Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seasonal Delights

When I was growing up the cool seasons were short. Most of the year was warm, and green. Green or brown. You see, I grew up much further south. SoCal and the Gulf Coast states. Mostly the latter.

Up here it's different. We have quite distinct seasons. Each one brings new colors. A change in the air. Each one is a joy to explore with my children.

In the midst of the dead leaves that fell off the trees, "Look Mama!" T pointed out some delicate white blossoms. Lovely!

T was able to observe some fallen fruit off a tree and the pit that came from inside. This led to a discussion on how new the leaves falling at the same time cover it up, and eventually a new tree can grow. T kicked at some leaves to cover it and help speed the process up.

Not all trees were red, gold, or brown yet. This sapling only had a few brown leaves. T shook it. Some leaves came tumbling down. "It's a leaf shower!" he cried in delight.

Most interesting of all was a hollow log. One end jutted across a small section of the trail. T knelt down. Peering inside he gazed intently, eagerly looking for some sign of life. All we saw were a couple spiders. "Something must live in here, though," he surmised. "Something."

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