Friday, February 28, 2014

Family Birthday Fun

We had such a fun evening!  S' s parents threw the children a family birthday party. One of S' s cousins brought her 3-year-old daughter A along so T and F had a playmate. T loves his cousin A. Thank you C for coming.  It meant a lot.

Grandpa and Nana ordered a strawberry cake. So yummy. T really wanted strawberry.  Nana made some cupcakes too. Butter yellow. Yum!

Preparing for the party was time consuming but surprisingly relaxing. We had a ball. I found drawing,  coloring,  and cutting out paper fish with T rather therapeutic. 

Since F was too young to lick her candle T handed it to cousin A. Oh did they enjoy themselves.  There's something almost magical about candle-licking isn't there?

F hit the musical jackpot this birthday.  She will be bringing home a small collection of handheld musical instruments.  I'm sure many new memories will be formed with them in the days ahead.

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