Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lego Party part 2: DIY Lego party hats

T had high expectations for his lego party hats.

Pinterest was full of ideas but the thought of turning a half dozen box lids into square lego hats didn't seem quite right. While we were at the store T saw brightly colored cone party hats. It gave me an idea. 
They were so easy to make although they took a little time.

Lego Block Hats

Inexpensive cone shaped party hats
Matching color construction paper


Cut squares or desired brick shapes from conatruction paper.
Cut desired number of small circle connectors from construction paper.
Cut short and narrow rectangles (abt an inch long and cm wide) from construction paper. These will give your connectors depth.

Accordion fold the rectangular pieces. I found two or three folds was all it needed. Glue one emd of it to the square and the other to a "connector". Repeat for the desired connectors. Glue the entire "brick" on the front of the hat. 

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