Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mud Buddies

This morning I awoke to a gentle pitter patter over my head. Rain! Such a pleasing sound to hear first thing.

Back at my house in the Midwest early morning rain is hardly unusual. Here in the southwest though is another story. Even during Monsoon season.

So what did I allow my children to do first thing after breakfast? Go outside and get dirty. Yes. I am encouraging them to get their toes, hands, and even clothes caked with mud. Why else is there a tub waiting inside the house? Mud comes off.

Playing in mud is relaxing. Have you recently taken the time to squish and squeeze some through your fingers and toes? Your blood pressure goes down. It's soft. Earthy.

Playing in mud makes you happy. Really it does. Smelling the air and the mud together are a pleasure enhancing combination. Apparently seratonin levels increase. So send your grumpy fighting kids to the nearest mud puddle and watch attitudes change.

Playing in mud is heathy. There are several ways in which it is healthy. It's sensory, so it aids brain development. It's a natural resource for creativity as your child imagines, builds, and explores. It builds memories. Good ones at that. Your child learns social skills if a friend is in the muddy mix. Plus it apparently helps build the immune system.

Mud how I love you.

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