Monday, August 11, 2014

Learning to ride terrain

For three weeks now we've been out of the Midwest, visiting relatives in the west and southwest. T has had the wonderful opportunity to improve his bicycle skills. There are so many places to ride here, on concrete and on dirt. My does T enjoy "off roading"! He intimidates easily though when confronted by a hill. Today Grandpa discovered a great incentive.

He always travels with snacks when outdoors. T adores Grandpa's snacks. In particular Cliff Bars. So as T was waffling on whether to tackle a hill with or without help Grandpa swiftly pulled a Cliff Bar from his pocket. He held it in front of T, who pedaled as hard as he could. Grandpa sped up, trying to stay just out of reach. But that bike gained speed. Soon T's arm stretched out, his fingers opening and shutting. T was laughing so hard. He got to the end of the road, and snatched that Cliff Bar.

Hurrah for T!

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