Friday, October 22, 2010

My toddler loves spicy food!

 Today was pretty busy. Besides cooking a big pot of Jambalaya (using, I should add, the remnants of the roast chicken I made on Monday and have been cooking off of since) we kept pretty busy today. First thing this morning we went to the park to get some exercise. I offered to let him ride on my back. He chose to walk on his own two feet. So off we went. Very, very slowly! Feet shuffled through the leaves which were then kicked up in the air and floated back down. He did it though. My 19 month old walked an entire mile on his own two feet again. Go Theo! I'd planned on walking further and putting him in a carrier for the rest of the walk (babywearing while walking makes for better exercise!) but the park had lawn service out. If you know me, you know how severe my allergies are. We loaded up in the car to go shopping!

No, it wasn't the exciting, fun kind of shopping. Today was just the old run-of-the-mill grocery goods to fill the cupboard type shopping. I wasn't in the mood to go from store to store to store today to find the best deal. So we just went to one supermarket. I pulled out my ring sling. He didn't want in. Then I asked, "Do you want to ride on my back?"
"No!" He replied.
"Do you want to ride in the cart?"
"No!" was again the emphatic response.
He wanted to walk. To push the cart. Now this supermarket is very busy. Certainly not a good place for a young toddler to walk as I shop. So he didn't get his wish. As soon as we got home he wanted right up on my back though. Up he scrambled, and laid right down so I could tie the straps of the mei tai.

 This afternoon I decided to try this Jambalaya recipe. Although I have a go-to gumbo recipe and an absolute favorite red beans and rice I've never found a Jambalaya that I must make over and over again. Well, I think I'm now pretty close. The recipe was so spicy, but the spice didn't hide the flavor which was abundant! The flavors in the jambalaya just popped!

 I think in a few weeks I'm going to play around with tweaking it. Once I find *my* perfect Jambalaya I'll be sure to let you know (and post the recipe of course)! You should've seen the way my husband and especially my 19 month old attacked the jambalaya though! Simply devoured. My toddler loves spice more than sweet. I'm not complaining!Yes, I'm definitely on the way to finding my go-to jambalaya!

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