Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ahhhh! Mom's Hour Out!

I am in full agreement with the sentiment that Saturdays are (generally) great. Then, I also agree-contrary to popular opinion- that Mondays are just fine too. Saturday though. Saturday *does* stand out. For one thing my husband is home! For another, I often am able to get out of the house for an hour or two. Mommy escape!!!

This morning I woke up "late" at about half past seven. I listened. Not a sound from the nursery. Hurredly I dressed, then listened again. This time I did hear something. It was the sound of Theo playing with his pound and roll tower.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower
If you do not like noise in the house, do not get a pound and roll tower! The sound of wood hammering on wood, followed by the rattle clack clack clack of the balls rolling down the ramps can be quite loud! But it really is a great toy. He has to work persistantly to get those balls to drop through the holes and start their short journey to the bottom. He gets to practice using a hammer-shaped object safely. The colored balls give an opportunity for him to practice his colors. Did you know he has said "yellow" twice this week? :) I found mine used at a consignment shop. Originally I planned on giving it at Christmas. Talking it over my husband and I agreed, he's at the perfect age for the toy. So we kept it out. It's sitting in the nursery right now, one of the two toys (at a time) he can keep in there for when he first gets up (he sleeps on a Montessori floor bed). I really like the toy too! My great-grandma had a saying "The bigger the noise the better the boys" which I believe, to a certain extent (keeping in mind appropriateness of location, time, etc) to be true.

So hearing my son playing with his pound and roll toy I realize it was going to be a morning I could take off! Off I went, to shop at yard sales. It was a successful hour too. I found a large basket in which to put the items I collected for my husband's cousin's baby shower for a dollar, an unopened white 100% cotton Bed Bath and Beyond shower curtain for only a few dollars, and spent a dollar on another "just like Mama and Papa" toy for Theo. All that from only two yard sales and one hour! Now that's a great morning! :) Let's just say I'm *very* satisfied!


K8 said...

hooray for awesome yard sale finds! sounds like you found some great deals

arsarniel_eruidhren said...

"I have a comment!
Oh, wait. It's from my sister. Never mind." :P

heeheehee, you're so lucky to have good garage sales.

Lisa said...

k8, I love yard sales.

Arsarniel_Eruidhren, yes, I've been blessed.