Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sooooo sleepy this morning. I'm going to have to ask Sean to share some of his coffee with me (I think he makes the best coffee btw!). Of course yesterday was a very long day.

It went sort of like this: I got up, packed Theodore's diaper bag, organized the babywearing items I would take with me, run to the store. The store is what took so long! First I ran to Target to grab a few thing. Then I went over to WalMart to get some doughnuts and a few groceries.

Doughnuts? I bought doughnuts? I, who generally feels ill after eating something super-highly-sugared like doughnuts bought two dozen of them?! They weren't for me. They were for the Babywearing Awareness Day event just after noon. I'd already scouted out the prices and determined the best deal on doughnuts I could find was at WalMart. So off to WalMart I drove! While there I picked up meat for sandwiches over the weekend. The man at the deli counter was both the polite and slowest Wal-Mart employee ever! I have seriously not seen that combination in one before. But mmm, I'm so looking forward to the sandwiches. Cracked pepper turkey and buffalo chicken! Should be good.

If we don't eat up all the bananas I came home with I'm going to have to make banana bread. Besides doughnuts and muffins I picked up a dozen bananas. Turns out someone else brought 5 bananas (a different brand) and several of mine were left- oh, about a half dozen. So either Theodore eats these bananas up pronto or they get peeled and frozen for baking. Though a frozen banana for a snack is sure a tasty treat too!

I hurried home. At home I found Theodore eagerly awaiting my return. Sean and I made him (and us!) an early lunch and I loaded up the car. Theodore and I hurried off to the park- well, not as in speeding!- and started to set up. As I unloaded the car piece by piece I noticed Katie's vehicle driving around. She stopped. Apparently a group of women had collected in a different place entirely. She's sent them on down to where I'd been setting up instead of re-loading the car.

When they pulled up we were still unloading and setting up. Sean arrived and Katie's husband. We set up some portable tables for food under a canopy I borrowed from Sean's parents. With the leaves falling from the trees at the rate they were yesterday I was sure thankful for it. Once everything was set up everyone sat around chatting and munching on the refreshments. One of my friends turned up but sadly had to leave just as we got to the demonstrations.

The fellowship and demonstrations went well. A couple of the giveaways were very popular. As you can imagine the Ergo giveaway was the most popular part of the event. No one knew what the Gypsy Mama Wrapsody wrap was, so when Katie drew for it I made sure to explain. The woman who won it seemed very pleased. She actually got quite a lovely wrap. Gauze, and just beautiful. Look at the Gypsy Mama carrier "Alice"  it'll be an extreme comfortable and versatile carrier.

All told we ended up with more than 14 people who came to the event. I was pleased with the turn-out. Would've loved more but for the short notice and low advertising it was a really decent turn-out. When I left my day was only beginning! Sean and I had switched vehicles so Sean could take Theodore home for a nap. Sean's car had been decked out by the birds while at the park so my first stop was the car wash. Then I went to the grocery store to finish some "just for our family" shopping.

I found ribs for less than $1.50 a pound. Talk about a good deal. We're having ribs this week! Supper was simple. Theo went to bed, Sean went to bed, and I stayed up cleaning until late. Or early. I was up until after midnight catching up on the Saturday work that had been neglected for the event at the park today. I find it's very productive to clean when I'm the only one in the house!

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