Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's the start of a busy day! Crock pot was on all night and my husband is now downstairs unplugging it and taking the pot out so the soup can cool. Sure hope the soup will be tasty. Golden mushroom soup, bacon, chicken, butterbeans, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, celery, onion, seasonings...we'll see in a couple days! I intend to cool the batch, divide it into meals, and freeze them. Next week I want to make spinach & potato soup and some corn chowder. If there's extra time I think I may make gumbo. Yum, loooove gumbo!

Soon I'll have to dash off to Target, hurry back to get everything ready, rush off with T to the Tri-State Babywearers monthly meeting. Pouch slings are the theme for November. We'd planned on meeting in park but plans were changed due to weather (it's in the 20s this AM, supposed to struggle to reach 50) we're meeting in a back room of a local specialty store. Very thankful K let us use it at such short notice!

After that it's called swing by the house, pick up my husband, potty T, and then head on over to Nana and Papop's house for the evening. Busy, busy day. Oh, and tomorrow will be church and then a baby shower. Busy day too!

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