Monday, November 8, 2010


Went down to TN this weekend again! It'd only been a couple weeks for T and me, but for my husband it's been almost two months. His transmission blew last time so he never made it!

Our timing was perfect. We left during nap time and T slept almost the entire way down. That made for a great time just to chat with S. Yes, I know, he's only 19 months old. But he already is listening and interjecting his own comments into our conversations! The drive was rather peaceful. He woke up just in time to recognize where we were. When we reached Nana's and Papop's neighborhood he excitedly chanted "Nana! Nana! Nana!" until we pulled up to the house.

Sunday after worship we hardly had time to get home from church, dress down while my no-church MIL dressed up, and head off to S's cousin's baby shower. She's having a little girl in a couple months and wow! was that shower pink! There were two games at the shower that really stood out. I don't know about you, but I have a tendancy to dislike most shower games. Either they can be crude and rude, or they can be boring. But these games were neither. I enjoyed them.

One game was Baby Jeopardy, played in two teams with 1 member elected as the spokeswoman for the team. The categories were "Mother Goose Rhymes" "Children's Songs" "Pregnancy and Babies" "TV Moms". The hilarious thing is the two teams chose to answer questions from hardest to easiest. Our team captain chose as our first question the category "Pregnancy and Babies": Bottles, pacifiers, cups, and other plastic baby items commonly say they are free of this substance...what is BPA. TV moms is the category that was actually stumping most people. The other team used mostly TV moms while ours mostly chose the rhymes and songs- we ended up getting all questions right, they lost because they were stumped on a TV moms question. You know, they never asked about the Brady bunch, I'd think she was an essential famous TV mom! Old, true, but one of the most famous.

At the beginning of the shower everyone received a small pad of paper and a pen. "Hold on to them, the game will come later," we were told. Baby Jeopardy ended and gift opening began. Halfway through C (S's cousin) opened up a diaper bag "Time to play!" the hostess announced!

It was Memory.

The game was this: the hostess had put a collection of 23 fairly common baby items in the diaper bag. She held each one up briefly and then put them in another bag. After she finished everyone had 3 minutes to write down as many as possible. Another mom and I both tied at 17 before the time was up as the most answers. The game was really fun. Most women though thought there should've been A) an even number to remember and B) less and actually, to be a much more fair game, I totally agree. However it was, with the Jeopardy game (and decent categories/questions IN the jeopardy game) one of the most enjoyable games I've played at a shower.

In case you're wondering, the prize was some "Christmas tree" scented anti-bacterial lotion and 3 Christmas-colored wash cloths.

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