Saturday, March 26, 2011

Target: A one-stop shopping experience?

This week my local Target added fresh produce. I was out of town the day they first introduced it. Dropped my sister off at the airport in Nashville. Yesterday was shopping day so I decided to check out Target's new produce section. Could be because so many days had passed but I was a little disappointed.

First, they sold items like bananas, apples, etc "each" rather than "by the pound". Then, all their vegetables were bagged or boxed. No glimmering mist-covered bunches of lettuce here. They carried a few boxes of organic loose-leaf lettuce. "Sale, 2 boxes for $7!" proclaimed the sign. Looking over the boxes, it appeared some of the lettuce was already beginning to wilt. Their non-organic lettuce also was (I thought) a little expensive. Even the heads of lettuce were in bags. The really sad thing about the bags, I thought, was there was so much writing and decoration of those Green Giant lettuce bags it was really hard to see the condition of the lettuce. Plus, after ending up back at Schnucks for lettuce, carrots, broccoli, and dip, I think Schnucks was charging less for vegetables.

I thought their other expansions were fine. Their frozen section had really expanded and had more variety, their breads were very attractively displayed, their cheese was, eh, comparable in price to other stores. Meats were fine too. Of course nothing except pre-packaged, but still on the whole fine. It was the vegetables I didn't like. Perhaps I should try it again. Maybe I'll change my opinion. Maybe.

I may change my opinion, but for now Target has not won a customer for their produce section.

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