Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boxes and Flowers

I packed away 10 more boxes today. It feels wonderful! I'm sure it will make the house feel nicer too to have all the things we aren't currently using packed away for a later date. Plus it encourages me. I'm looking forward to having a yard for my growing little boy to run around in, and not hearing neighbors through my walls all day (especially when they fight)!

Oh, and I've been planting more flowers. Sure, my allergies bother me after each planting. Yes, I still have to jump right in the shower to get all the pollen off. But guess what? It doesn't leave me sick! I couldn't garden last year due to getting sick every. Single. Time. I. Took. T. Outside. Or. Did. Any. Outdoor. Activity. It was such a bother- and so miserable. Thank God for allergy shots. Immunotheropy certainly isn't a cure-all. I feel my allergies as I type. But I'm not sick from them. Praise God!

Sure, I'll post pictures when I've planted more. May take a little while. They'll be here though!

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