Saturday, April 2, 2011

Culinary Adventures Ahoy!-Again

Coconut milk. Lime juice. Cumin. Paprika. Tilapia. Onions. Bell peppers. Tomato.

These are ingredients used in last night's international culinary adventure.

I made a Brazilian fish stew.

It turned out quite fine indeed. I think each and every one of us went into last night's supper a little suspicious of the dish. But we all liked it! I find it more alive than the traditional American clam chowder. Much more interesting texture and more flavorful than clam chowder. I'm looking forward to eating it again tonight!

I marinated a pound of tilapia (any white fish should do, that is firmish) in lime juice, cumin, paprika, garlic, salt, pepper. Then I sauteed onions- it needs at least 2- and a couple bell peppers in olive oil, added my fish, and some diced tomatoes. Poured coconut milk on top of everything, and let cook until heated through. Sean and I decided to add more of the seasonings from the marinade at this point to help the flavors pop more. Pop they did! Yum! Cilantro can be added before serving although apparently it's optional (for those of you who dislike cilantro).
I'm looking forward to the leftovers today!

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