Saturday, August 6, 2011

Picking Paint!

This week our theme was supposed to be "farm" but in a way it's really turned into "paint"!

After 3 long years of being disatisfied with paint colors in the house- some the original, others I played with and never finished- I'm actually doing something about it. Painting the entire house.

Dining room in original color- that dark raspberry was on 3 walls and the mauve you see in the 2nd picture on one. Combined with the forest green counters it looked very, very outdated. I don't know how I managed to live in it so long, but I didn't attempt to start painting it until last winter.  Now, after painting several samples on the walls, I've found my color! It's Lightweight Beige by Behr.


The tablecloth is pushed back thanks to the room still being a work in progress and I have paint supplies sitting on it. But there's my new color!

I also had my husband paint the 2nd bedroom. Before it was gray-blue with construction trucks wallpaper border around the middle. The pictures on the border were cute, but the room didn't work for us. The room also appeared very dark. Now, take a look! The spring green is very nice. 

Yesterday I also worked on "finishing" painting the stairwell. I put finishing in quotes because I merely painted as high as I can reach with a ladder. My husband will have to finish the rest- I couldn't reach! Will post before and after pictures later after he finishes. :) Oh, the color there is Olympic's Crumb Cookie. In the picture below you can see my work on the living room.

 Most of the walls (as seen on the right of the picture) will be Behr's Honeysuckle White. The wall behind the sofa will be Valspar's Fresh Bread. Look how much warmer it is than that used to be (seen on the top of the picture).

 Oh, and I'm still working on choosing the color for the master bedroom. More will follow!

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