Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick fun read- for me!

I have never reviewed anything other than a picture book on this blog. Before today. Today that changes.

T slept in this morning. I mean, really slept in. So I got a little time to myself this morning after S got up. In that time I opened up a short Newbery Honor book by the author of Ella Enchanted. In retrospect I don't know why I had kept putting off reading this book. That was a huge mistake. The book was enthralling. By the time S turned the water in the shower off, I'd finished it. So yes, it's very short. But oh, was it a fun read! 

The Princess Test is a retelling/expansion of the classic fairy tale The Princess and the Pea. You actually get to know why hiding the pea was the ultimate test for a princess' sensitivity, and why it stood out that the bedraggled maiden who turned up at the palace doors turned out to be the true princess and price's perfect bride. You learn the adventures of the princess and how she even ended up at the palace utterly filthy and drenched in rain. The author's creative answers to those missing puzzle pieces make an expanded fairy tale fresh and enjoyable for adult, teen, or anyone who enjoys a good novel.

 If you only have a short amount of time on your hands, use it by reading this book. This would make a perfect nap time novel. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I sure wasn't! 

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