Monday, February 20, 2012

My Star Book: A Simple Counting Play Book for Preschoolers

T was really interested in stars the other week. We looked at them as they came out in the early evening, we watched them disappear in the morning as our day star- the sun- rose. His favorite activity was this little counting booklet he could play with.

 Ideally I would love to make something like this out of felt with Velcro on the back of the stars. Not having those materials on hand I just used paper and crayons. For being made simply of paper and white crayon it sure has lasted a while!

 I have a feeling there will be other counting books in our future.  T absolutely loves playing with his! "Oooh, I'll get my star book!" he'll announce from time to time.

A Simple Counting Play Book

What you need:

white paper
blue construction paper
white crayon or pencil

What to do:

Cut the paper into pieces to form a booklet and staple or glue them together.  Make sure you have enough pages for however high you want your counting book to go. On the front write "(Name's) Star Book". Cut out counters in the shape you desire (I chose stars). Draw a correlating picture in the bottom corner of each page (I chose a telescope), and write the number and name of objects at the top of each page. Demonstrate the book's use, and let your child enjoy!

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