Friday, February 24, 2012

T wants a Garden! Part 2: Planning to Plant

Finally! The book I ordered on gardening in our state came in the mail. I'm very pleased with my purchase. The book is divided into sections by what kind of gardening you want to do: lawn/grass care, tree care, shrubs/bushes, annuals, perennials, herbs/vegetables, water/bog gardens, houseplants, and bulbs. Each section is divided into months of the year. Every month- January through December- has one or two pages devoted to it. The pages cover topics when to order seeds or buy seedlings, what type of soil and plant food to use (or not use) at various stages of your garden, when to move plants outside, preparing the lawn, etc.

According to the book T and I could've ordered a few types of seeds already as we can start planting some seeds indoors on or after March 1st (they wouldn't be moved outside for many weeks). I love how the book gives pointers how to water properly indoors vs outdoors and how to avoid growing spindly seedlings when growing inside. The book also tells how to make a temporary indoor plant bench and use florescent lighting to help the seedlings grow properly.

Wednesday was a lovely, sunny February day. T is extremely excited about starting his garden this spring. He wanted to start digging in the patch with his plastic spade (I plan to get him a preschool-sized shovel like this one from For Small Hands in the coming weeks). I joined him to poke around in the soil to see what the garden plot is like. The garden plot has lovely chocolate colored soil and is simply crawling with earthworms.  Together we spent quite a bit of time observing earthworms.


Ms POSH said...

I cannot wait to get started :)

Have a great day.

Colorado Mountain Mom said...

what an awesome thing to do with your child! Great idea :)

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The Colorado Mountain Mom

Lisa said...

@MsPOSH: Have a great day too! :) It'll be great when time comes to plant!

@Tami: Glad you enjoyed reading my blog, and thanks for the follow! I'll be sure to check out your blog. :)