Tuesday, March 13, 2012

T Wants a Garden part 3: Planting Seeds to Sprout Indoors

A stormy noon in early March led to a lovely afternoon full of climbing trees and planting a few seeds. 

T watched in amazement as the pellets expanded.

He quickly realized as he knocked the "towers" down his hands were getting dirty!

 The fun part. Poking holes for seeds and placing the seeds in the holes. We planted some lettuce, spinach, and broccoli seeds.

Watering the newly planted seeds. We then carried the tray downstairs into my basement laundry room where it is sitting right now. Some seedlings have already sprouted.

Once we were done planting, T climbed some low branches of a tree for the first time ever. Sitting there with me holding him he kept exclaiming "it's so beautiful up here!" He was simply enthralled with the view.

 It's about time to plant some more seeds according to my book. We'll plan on buying more seeds this week.

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