Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ask Me Whooo (Teach basic Biblical truth to song)

Question: What is catechism?

Answer: Catechism is a summary of the basic beliefs of the Christian faith in question and answer form.

Why teach children about the Bible using catechism, rather than just stories? It's a proven effectual way for children to grab hold of the basics. Just as children are given memory tools in school to help them learn geography, grammar, math, and history (if you're a homeschooler, think of AudioMemory, Veritas Press songs, Classical Conversations) catechism is a means of teaching -and letting the children own the answers to- the most common questions kids have about God, the Bible, Jesus, and their faith.

Questions like:

 Who made me? (God)
Where is God? (God is everywhere)
Does God know all things? (Yes. Nothing can be hidden from God.)
Where do you learn how to love and obey God? (In the Bible alone)
Who wrote the Bible?
What does it mean to believe in Christ? ( to trust in Him alone for my salvation),
What is prayer?
What does Christ give us to teach about prayer?
 All these and many, many more are answered in children's catechisms. 

Yes, catechisms. Plural. There have been many evangelical, Protestant catechisms written. Catechism used to be widely used by both Protestants and Catholics. In recent decades it has become much less mainstream. Generally if an evangelical hears catechism they will assume Roman Catholic. Still, it's never died out because it's so effective. In fact, teaching catechism (i.e. foundational Bible truths) and Bible verse memorization together is generally found in circles of conservative Presbyterians, Dutch Reformed, Lutherans , and some Baptists.

While there may be variations on some particulars by slight theological differences catechism is a source of unity in the faith as they agree and teach the same truth as to the essentials of the Christian faith: the truth of God, His word, salvation in Christ alone...the five solas of the Protestant reformation. Through catechism doctrine (means simply teaching btw) doesn't divide, it unites. Ever heard of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals?

Ask Me Whooo has pleasant music (even to mom's and dad's ears) that makes learning some of these questions and answers about the bible so easy. Another nice thing about this three volume set is after each set of catechism questions are several scripture proofs. Bible verses that teach what the q&a was summarizing!

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