Thursday, October 11, 2012

Preschool Theme: Human Body/Birthday books/activities

Thanks to a camera crash I lost many of my pictures from our human body theme. Thanks to my husband I do have a few. Here's a few highlights.



Dover has a great set of baby sticker paper dolls. You can dress/undress baby (printed on the back page)  using stickers, and give him or her things to do. They come in boy and girl options. I chose boy because T is a boy!

Wiki sticks numbers set has a birthday cake. Practice counting and decorate a birthday cake. Fun math activity!

Make birthday and greeting cards and read a fun book about birthday parties in Spanish and English called Bravo! Make sure any cards are addressed to someone else. We also shopped for a gift for someone who celebrated his birthday.

Writing practice. Child writes name, traces birth date, and writes age down.


Bake a cake, or in our case apple pumpkin muffins in celebration of birthdays and being alive.

 A fun activity with practical life skills and measuring...math skills!

Whopper Cake is a great book to read with this activity. 

It's a hilarious story of a man who decides to bake his wife a surprise, record-breaking cake for her birthday. By Karma Wilson with Will Hillenbrand.

It's Curious George, isn't that enough of a recommendation? Curious George finds all kinds of party supplies and tries to help out the man with the yellow hat. 


Read DK Human Body

 We played Twister, too, learning about crazy movements our bodies can make!

Read From Head to Toe by Eric Carle and act out the story. Great gross motor skills practice. We read it in Spanish for practice learning our body parts in another language! Wish I'd been able to rescue some of these photos!

Build a human body puzzle. Covers science, fine motor, and math. 

This is a great puzzle because it's built in layers. You work from the skeleton, add the organs, muscles, skin, and finally clothes. There are boy and girl puzzles available. They are anatomically correct. Made by Beleduc

Other good books to read on the human body:
My Five Senses by Aliki all about the senses of the human body. 
Germs Make Me Sick!  by Marvin Berger made a big impression on T. He grew very cautious (not frightened, just careful) about washing his hands, sneezing into a tissue or his sleeve, etc. We also played nurse with a doctor kit.


There's a great book by DK called Food.

 I wish I had pictures to go with this. Get a plate and set it on the table. Have your child set their place. Next, read the DK/Eyewitness book called Food. After you finish, announce to your child he's going to create a healthy meal shopping in the cupboards and fridge! Help child get out items that would create a healthy, balanced, and tasty lunch or snack. If your child wants, let him or her "check out" at the "grocery store" before bringing the meal "home" to "cook". Suddenly math is involved too ;)

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Jennifer Kochert said...

We are about to start a Human Body Theme. I love that puzzle and am thinking of picking it up on Amazon soon.
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